Telling Others About Your Virginia Separation

Posted on Nov 30, 2012 by Hofheimer Family Law

Are you getting separated in Virginia? Who should you tell about it? While who you tell is ultimately up to you, there may be some friends or family members who will find out regardless of whether you tell them, so it may become a matter of deciding when to break the news and what you should say. Also be sure to make securing legal representation with a Newport News family law lawyer one of your first priorities.

Deciding Whom to Tell and When to Tell Them

It’s understandable that when a relationship is ending, a couple may feel the need to keep their troubles private. Even when they have sought the advice of a Newport News, Virginia, family law lawyer and have resolved to move on from the marriage, they may still not want their separation and/or impending divorce to be made news.

Unfortunately, there’s little that can be done about how others will react to the news about your breakup. The news will get out sooner or later, and you can only exercise some control over it by deciding whom to tell and at what point to tell them.

When you’re getting a separation in Virginia, your kids should be informed as soon as possible. They will face a great deal of changes in their lives, and they’ll need to be informed about what to expect. Be sure to let them know that you’ll be there to talk with them about whatever is on their minds.

You close friends and family can be informed whenever you feel it’s appropriate. You don’t need to go into any intimate details about the reasons for your split if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, just give a basic overview. Your loved ones likely will want to support you during this difficult time, but taking sides may be expected in some cases. Remember that these issues often improve over time.

When you’re certain that you truly want to end your marriage, you can tell your employer about it. Just let him or her know about any days you will need off or about any workload changes or other reasonable accommodations you may need to request when going through the process, although it doesn’t have to disrupt your ability to complete your work.

Contacting a Virginia Family Law Lawyer

If you’re getting separated and want to discuss the possibility of getting a divorce, contact Hofheimer Family Law Firm. We help women who are separated in Virginia or who are considering divorce. Be sure to check out our FREE divorce book for women and make your reservation for our monthly divorce seminar. Call us at 1-757-425-5200.