Understanding Cross-Examination During Virginia Divorce

Posted on Mar 24, 2012 by Hofheimer Family Law

Cross-examination is the part of a Virginia divorce court that many people have concerns about. Even with your Norfolk divorce lawyer nearby, being on the stand can be a challenging experience. There are some things to know before undergoing cross-examination during a divorce trial.

Your ex’s attorney will try to get you to repeat anything positive you’ve said about your ex, and will try to block the “buts,” or negative information, you may say about him. The lawyer will usually ask leading questions that are meant to illicit a certain kind of response from you.

Always try to keep a cool head and don’t lose your temper on the stand. Be honest and polite and answer all questions asked of you by the opposing counsel unless your attorney objects to the question.

During cross-examination, you will usually be asked to answer yes or no questions, which can make it difficult for you to fully explain your side of the story. Don’t let this bother you; you will have a chance to elaborate on your answers and give your side of the story when it’s your Norfolk divorce lawyer’s turn to redirect examination.

Feel free to ask your lawyer any questions you might have prior to the trial. By being prepared and staying one step ahead, you can survive cross-examination during your Virginia divorce.

Contacting a Norfolk Divorce Attorney

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