Understanding Virginia Split Child Custody

Posted on Sep 1, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

Split child custody occurs when each parent receives custody of one or more children. Virginia courts rarely grant split custody, believing that the impact of losing both a parent and a sibling can have a negative impact on the children’s emotional wellbeing. However, there are cases in which split child custody may be granted.

If one child has a distressed relationship with you and your other child has an uneasy relationship with your husband, the court may allow split child custody. However, your family may be required to speak with a counselor in order to decide if this is the best decision, as children often go through stages in which they argue with their parents.

If the children do not get along and are abusive to each other, it may be in the best interest of the children to live in separate homes. The court may also allow split child custody if one child has a mental or physical disability and caring for all of the children at the same time would be too difficult for one parent.

What this will all boil down to is finding a solution that the court feels will honor what is best for all of your children. Learn more about how Virginia courts look at the best interest of the children when determining child custody.

Contacting a Virginia Child Custody Lawyer for Women

For more information regarding split custody, you should speak to an experienced Virginia child custody lawyer. At Hofheimer Family Law Firm, we understand that the health and happiness of your children is your #1 concern. We will work with you to address any fears and anxieties you may have about your children’s future. Our women’s-only divorce attorneys will guide you every step of the way to advocate that you achieve the best possible child custody and child support arrangements for you and your children.

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