What are the Types of Virginia Divorce?

Posted on Feb 6, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

In Virginia, there are three types of divorce that may be granted: annulment, limited divorce, and absolute divorce. It is important to retain the services of an experienced Virginia divorce attorney to learn which divorce option is right for you and your unique situation.

Annulment in Virginia

While you may have heard of celebrities getting quick and easy annulments; they are not as easy to obtain in a Virginia divorce court. In order to have your marriage annulled, you must prove that there is a critical fault in the marriage. For example, if you married someone who is already married, your marriage may be annulled. In the case of annulment, the court essentially says that the marriage never took place.

Limited Divorce in Virginia

A limited divorce may also be referred to as a legal separation. In a limited divorce, each spouse lives separately, while a court order may divide the couple’s property as well as child support and custody. During a Virginia limited divorce, the couples may not remarry.

Absolute Divorce

If an absolute divorce is granted, the couple is released from all bonds of matrimony.
However, there is a waiting period of up to one year for an absolute divorce to be granted. Again, there will be court documentation regarding the division of assets and debts as well as child custody and support.

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Retaining a Virginia Divorce Lawyer

To learn more about Virginia annulment, limited divorce, and absolute divorce, you should contact an experienced Virginia divorce attorney. At this vulnerable time, it’s critical that you have exceptional legal representation that not only understands the specifics of your case, but is dedicated to your best interests and that of your family.

The Virginia divorce attorneys at Hofheimer Family Law Firm specialize in representing Virginia women who wish to file for divorce. We are committed to fighting for your rights, assisting in child custody disputes, and ensuring that you receive everything you are entitled to and need in order to start your new life. Contact us to set up a legal consultation of your case – (757) 425-5200.