What is a Pedente Lite Hearing and Why Do I Need One?

Posted on Jan 31, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

Pedente Lite hearings are an optional part of Virginia divorce proceedings that are designed to temporarily deal with financial and custodial issues that must be addressed before the divorce is finalized.

For example; if you and your spouse have children, you’ll need to decide where that child will be living, how much child support is necessary, and when the other parent will have a chance to visit with your child.

While these terms will be finalized in the divorce decree, your child still needs a place to live and time with their parents long before that final decree is reached. A Pedente Lite hearing can help to resolve your family’s immediate issues until a long-term solution is reached.

Pedente Lite hearings are also useful in determining who will be living in the home you and your spouse once shared, if financial support for mortgages or other bills must be paid and the use of other martial assets. In some cases, this includes the freezing of those assets to ensure that they will be intact when the final divorce decree comes to fruition.

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