Why this season’s most fashionable accessory is a divorce lawyer

Posted on Nov 17, 2008 by Hofheimer Family Law

According To Vogue magazine, divorce lawyers have become the 13th most useful fashionable accessory to the fashionable elite. Recognizing the complexity of current divorces due to the credit crunch , the best and brightest women are making sure they are arm in arm with their divorce settlement negotiator.
As in Yorkshire England, I am finding there is a September uptick of affluent women meeting with me to determine what protections they can initiate to preserve their share of the family wealth. Particulary vulnerable are those women who are watching their wealth melt away both in the still falling real estate market and the ever lowering stock market. I am using our Divorce Protection Plan to educate and assist women in protecting their wealth. "Team divorce protection planning" involves utilizing the talents of financial planners,therapists, business valuators,trust and estate attorneys and when necessary, bankruptcy experts to chart a series of options to protect the physical assets and emotional well being of our clients.
The Affluent women who come to see us understand the need to act .They didn't get to their station in life being passive. These accomplished women are smart, proactive, effective doers.