Your Virginia divorce options

Posted on Apr 9, 2014 by Katie Carter

Things aren’t working and you can’t take it anymore. You know you need to make a change. The question is, though… Where do you start?

You can start in a lot of different places, so I’m going to give you a brief overview of your options. I hope you’ll use it as a guide to help you make the right decision for your unique situation as you begin to move forward with your Virginia divorce.

Request a free book

One of the best, easiest, cheapest things to do to get started is to get some free legal advice. We have several free books that you can request online at our website, including “What Every Virginia Woman Should Know About Divorce,” “What Every Virginia Military Wife Needs to Know About Divorce,” and “The Woman’s Custody Survival Guide.” If you live in the Hampton Roads area, you’ll receive a hard copy of the book (shipped in a plain white envelope) delivered to your door. If you live outside our immediate area, you’ll receive an electronic copy.

It’s quick, easy, and painless, and you’ll get information about all the things you need to know to get started. Each book was written by one of our Virginia divorce attorneys, so you can be sure that the information you’re getting is accurate and up-to-date.

Attend a seminar

After you’ve read the book, you may still want a little more information. If, for whatever reason, you’re just not quite ready to hire an attorney yet, you’ve got a specific question you want answered, or you want to see one of our experienced attorneys in action, you should plan to attend one of our seminars. We offer two: “Second Saturday: What Every Virginia Woman Should Know About Divorce,” and “Custody Bootcamp for Moms.”

Second Saturday

Our Second Saturday seminar is offered three times a month. It’s offered on the second Saturday of the month (hence the name) in Virginia Beach (at the Friends school near Hilltop) and Newport News (at the Hilton Garden Inn near Regal Cinemas off Route 17), and on the Third Tuesday of the month in Virginia Beach (again at Friends school). We do offer a discount if you pre-register online, so please visit our site by clicking here. We also accept payments at the door.

The seminar is taught by one of our attorneys, and covers everything you need to know about divorce, from how and when to file, to what the specific grounds are, what documents are necessary, how attorney’s fees work, what discovery is, and how equitable distribution, child support, custody, and spousal support are determined.

Custody Bootcamp for Moms

Custody Bootcamp for Moms is an intense, all-day seminar designed to help teach moms what they need to know to handle their own juvenile and domestic court petitions for custody, visitation, and support—without hiring an attorney! Kristen Hofheimer teaches the seminar, and covers everything you need to know, including the 10 critically important child custody factors, how to organize a trial notebook, how to make opening and closing arguments, assembling a trial notebook, how to address the judge, what to wear to court, and what to expect when you’re facing a contested custody case. For more information, or to pre-register, just click here.

Schedule a Consultation

If you plan to hire an attorney, now is a good time to schedule an initial consultation. Since you’ve already requested the book and attended a seminar, you probably have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for in an attorney. To schedule an appointment with one of our experienced Virginia divorce and custody attorneys, give our office a call at (757) 425-5200.

The decisions you may now can have a profound impact on your divorce. Make sure you gather all the information you need to make the best decision possible, so that you give yourself the opportunity for the best, freshest new starts possible. Good luck!