4 Tips for Staying Organized During Your Virginia Divorce

Posted on Apr 5, 2011 by Hofheimer Family Law

When you first meet with your Virginia Beach divorce attorney, you’ll need to bring in documents that are necessary for starting the divorce process. This will likely be your first experience with the paperwork associated with divorce

Divorce is a legal process, and like any legal process it has its own specific forms of documentation. Keeping track of all this paperwork is an essential part of staying organized during divorce.
Your Virginia Beach divorce attorney will appreciate your cooperation in this department.

Some people are naturally talented at staying organized, while others might need a refresher course in the basics. It’s best to know beforehand what’s expected of you so that you can be prepared.

Below are 4 tips for staying organized during your Virginia divorce:

  • Leaving your Virginia divorce documents scattered all over your desk at home is a big don’t. They can easily become misplaced or end up catching a spill that way.
  • A 3-ring binder and hole-punch are two of your most valuable tools when you’re staying organized after divorce. You can add your divorce documents to it as they come.
  • When you’re preparing a divorce file, you might want to file documents by category, such as child custody, financial, etc.
  • Keeping a calendar is another way of staying organized during divorce. Your calendar can help you keep track of court dates, appointments with your Virginia Beach divorce attorney, and other important days.

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Contacting a Virginia Beach Divorce Attorney

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