5 Damaging Online Faux Pas to Avoid after a Divorce in Virginia Beach

Posted on Jan 30, 2012 by Hofheimer Family Law

You may not realize just how important your online networking and social activity becomes after getting divorced in Virginia. Virginia Beach divorce attorneys warn those in the midst of divorce of the dangers of online activity, and how opposing attorneys can use what you post online against you in court.

Tread lightly online, and be wary of what would arise if someone did a search on you or dug through your profiles.

  • Avoid negative talk – some people make the mistake of ranting about the judge’s decisions. Try to remain neutral about the situation.
  • Keep kids out of It – in custody battles, you don’t want to post anything negative about your ex or the kids. The courts look unfavorably on bringing kids into the parent problems..
  • Be careful with photos – a picture tells a thousand words and attorneys know how to use your pictures to cast a not-so-favorable light on you.
  • Don’t brag – in the middle of a divorce, posting pictures of big purchases could make you seem uncaring about the severity of the divorce, especially if alimony is up for debate.
  • Know who your friends are (or aren’t) – if your friends tag you in photos or posts, it can spell trouble for you. You may need to close down your social media accounts until after your divorce in Virginia.

For any questions about how your online activity could thwart your divorce or custody case, seek assistance from a Virginia Beach divorce attorney.

Contacting a Virginia Beach Divorce Attorney

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