Dealing with a Stalemate during Collaborative Divorce

Posted on Aug 10, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

While going through a collaborative divorce can be less stressful and hostile than a traditional divorce in court, both you and your spouse may reach a stalemate during negotiations of your collaborative divorce. Listed below are tips on how to move past this situation:

Look for alternative solutions
. Sometimes when dealing with two choices, negotiations can come to a halt. By looking outside the box, you may be able to come to an agreement. For example, if you cannot decide who gets to keep an expensive piece of furniture, devise other solutions, such as selling the furniture and splitting the money.

Understand your spouse’s point of view
. During conversations, many people are focused on what they are going to say next. By listening to your spouse, you can see the issue from another angle.

Look at the big picture
. Sometimes it is easy to get bogged down in the details. By taking a high-level few of the situation, you may be able to move on in your negotiations.

Think about the issues on which you agree
. If you are stuck on an issue and neither side will budge, move on to matters on which you can meet in the middle. Being able to compromise on some issues can get the ball rolling for issues on which you have reached a stalemate.

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By having a Virginia collaborative divorce attorney on your side, you can minimize your chances of reaching a stalemate during negotiations. While we know that a collaborative divorce can’t eliminate the pain associated with the dissolution of a marriage, the Virginia women’s divorce attorneys at Hofheimer Family Law Firm want to help you to achieve a peaceful and successful resolution that will enable you and your children to move on with your lives and look ahead to the future.

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