Building Your Self Esteem after a Later Life Divorce

Posted on Aug 11, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

Going through a Virginia later life divorce can affect the self esteem of even the most confident woman. If you have recently gone through a divorce, rebuilding your self esteem is crucial. Learn how to give yourself a confidence boost after ending your marriage by following these tips.

Remind yourself about your good qualities
. After a divorce, it is all too easy to think about everything that is wrong. Think about the things you do right. Make a list of the achievements you have made throughout your life and the things in which you excel. When you begin to feel down, looking at this list can serve as a powerful reminder.

Use positive language
. Instead of beginning phrases with “I can’t,” start saying “I can.” Using daily affirmations, such as “I can successfully meet all challenges that come my way,” can put you in a better mood.

Have an active social life
. While it may be tempting to stay at home, spending time with friends and family members that have good self esteem can help you rebuild your own. Your friends can remind you of all of your good qualities, and help you keep your mind off of negative thoughts. You can also boost your friends’ self esteem by doing something nice for them or paying them a compliment.

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