Duration of Spousal Support in Virginia

Posted on May 28, 2012 by Hofheimer Family Law

In a Virginia divorce, there are various types of spousal support that a judge might order. The duration of the spousal support depends on many factors.

Permanent spousal support is paid to the recipient until a) the payer dies or b) the recipient remarries. There may be cases in which the remarriage of the recipient does not affect spousal support. A court may grant permanent spousal support in cases in which the recipient is sick, disabled, or in some other way unlikely to find stable means of support on his or her own.

Temporary spousal support continues for a set period of time that is determined by a judge. This type of support is designed to help the recipient until he or she is able to find work and become self-supporting. The length of a temporary support order will depend on the details of the case.

Rehabilitative spousal support is geared toward helping the recipient get job training or education necessary to re-enter the workforce. This type of support can be especially useful to women who chose to be stay at home moms during the marriage.

The court will consider several factors to determine the type, amount, and duration of spousal support in a Virginia divorce, including:

  • age of the parties;
  • physical, mental, and emotional condition of each spouse;
  • length of the marriage; and
  • non-monetary contributions made by the parties during the marriage.

Speak with a Virginia divorce attorney regarding any questions you may have about spousal support or other divorce-related issues.

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