Emails, Texts and Digital Information in a Virginia Divorce

Posted on Sep 13, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

Are you concerned that your husband is cheating? Have you seen emails or text messages between him and another woman? Are there digital photos of the two of them together? If so, it is important to keep copies of these digital records as they could play an important role in your Virginia divorce. In Virginia, adultery is grounds for divorce.

Proving adultery can be difficult, but in the digital age, communication like email, text messages and instant messages can sometimes be used as evidence. Other types of digital media can also serve as proof of adultery. For example, digital photos or videos can be particularly compelling.

Often, a woman may become suspicious of her husband cheating when she sees an email or text message to him from another woman. Even if the first message is not stand-alone proof of an affair, it is important to keep copies of the correspondence. Create a password protected file on your computer or get an external drive, and save anything you think may be used as evidence of an affair.

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Contacting a Virginia Divorce Attorney

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