Ending a Same-Sex Partnership in Virginia Beach

Posted on Sep 13, 2012 by Hofheimer Family Law

While not technically a divorce, a Virginia Beach divorce attorney may be able to provide advice for same-sex couples who would like to dissolve their partnership.

While gay couples can’t file for a legal divorce, they aren’t entirely without legal recourse. Any couple who cohabits, whether married or not, can seek legal help to separate shared property and address other important matters when the partnership ends.

Some partners have same-sex partnership agreements that may dictate how any issues will be handled in the event of a breakup. One of these documents may make the dissolution process go more smoothly. If you don’t have one and you’re willing to negotiate, you may create something similar to a separation agreement.

Mediation can be helpful when dissolving a same-sex partnership. In mediation, the couple attempts to come to mutually acceptable decisions with the help of a licensed mediator. The goal is not for one or side to “win,” but for both sides to compromise and cooperate so that they can end the relationship peacefully and move on with their respective lives.

Contacting a Virginia Beach Divorce Attorney

Same-sex partnerships differ legally from marriages in Virginia, but the emotional and practical aspects of these unions are usually the same as opposite-sex relationships. The caring attorneys at Hofheimer Family Law Firm  can offer solutions to the challenges you face. Call for a consultation today at 757-425-5200.