Virginia Beach Divorce Attorneys Explain Divorce for Older Couples

Posted on Sep 12, 2012 by Hofheimer Family Law

With later life divorce becoming so common these days, it’s not unusual that Virginia Beach divorce attorneys are paying more attention to the unique issues that face older people ending their marriages.

Just because divorce for older people – specifically older women – is no longer taboo, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. Older people ending their marriages have to deal with many concerns, both emotional and legal, that can complicate the divorce experience.

Any Virginia Beach divorce attorney knows that finances play a large role in divorce later in life because some couples own significant assets together. Older couples spending many years together built their financial world as a team. They may have a difficult time amicably dividing their assets because they each feel that they have more rights to the desired item. They may also own property that can be difficult to divide for practical reasons. This sometimes happens with art or with co-owned businesses.

Of course, not all older people are financially secure. Some elderly individuals face financial hardship following a divorce because they have moved on from their chosen career path, faced health problems, or struggled with other age-related challenges.

There are, however, some positive things about later life divorce. Many older people feel that they don’t want to waste time with endless, bitter legal wrangling, so they choose more friendly divorce options like collaborative divorce and mediation. The overall maturity that older people have can sometimes make a divorce much less drama-centered than breakups among younger people. Also, while older couples may have to break the news of their divorce to their families, they usually do not have children young enough to have to endure the pain of a custody battle.

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