File For a Virginia No-Fault Divorce in Six Months

Posted on Jan 25, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

No divorce will be entirely quick and painless, but for some Virginia couples, a Virginia No-Fault divorce might help to shorten the time spent going through the process.

A No-Fault divorce in Virginia does not require you or your husband to prove any sort of marital misconduct, such as infidelity or cruelty. In a Virginia No-Fault divorce, you will not be required to prepare for or attend any lengthy evidence hearings in which you and your Virginia divorce attorney fight to prove misconduct.

While filing for a No-Fault divorce does decrease the timeframe for a divorce in Virginia, it doesn’t completely eliminate the wait. Many Virginia couples will find that they must spend 1 year living apart before they can file for divorce. Some Virginia couples, however, may only need a six-month separation period before filing for divorce.

If you are interested in seeking a Virginia No-Fault divorce and are hoping to file in six months, you must meet the requirements of Virginia divorce law.

Listed below are tips for being able to
file for divorce in 6 months:

  • You and your husband cannot have children under the age of 18.
  • You MUST live apart continuously for 6 months.
  • You should make it very clear that either you or your spouse intended this separation to become permanent.
  • You and your husband must agree to and sign a written separation agreement.

After this 6-month separation period, you or your husband may file for a No-Fault divorce in Virginia. At this point, you will begin to deal with critical divorce issues, such as child custody, spousal support and division of marital property.

To learn more about No-Fault divorce in Virginia and whether your marriage qualifies, read our article, How to Get a No-Fault Divorce in Virginia.

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