Filing For Divorce When You Can’t Locate Your Spouse

Posted on Jul 5, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

Beginning the Virginia divorce process is fairly simple if you know where your husband is staying, but what if he left without telling you where he was going, and is intentionally hiding his whereabouts?

In most Virginia desertion cases, the deserting spouse leaves the family home with no intention of returning, but can easily be tracked down through friends, family and place of employment. Sometimes, though, the deserting spouse is unreachable.

This type of desertion isn’t all that common, considering how difficult it is from a financial and practical standpoint to just pull up stakes and start a new life in a new location. However, it does occur and is an incredibly difficult situation for the spouse who is left behind.

If your husband’s whereabouts are unknown to you and you want to get a Virginia divorce on the grounds of desertion, you’ll need to take a few simple steps to make it happen.

Your first goal should to be to track your husband down. It’s quite difficult for someone who participates in life to truly hide these days, so it’s very likely he can be found.

If his friends and family seem not to know any information, don’t give up; your Virginia divorce attorney might have some helpful suggestions or access to information resources to help find your husband.

If for any reason your husband cannot be found, you can still obtain a Virginia divorce. Speak with your Virginia divorce attorney; he or she will counsel you regarding the best course of action to take to end your marriage in your husband’s absence.

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