Finding Ways to Laugh and Let Go Despite your Divorce

Posted on Jan 6, 2011 by Hofheimer Family Law

It used to be that the mere mention of a divorce in Virginia might have raised eyebrows. As divorce becomes increasingly common, social acceptance of the phenomenon has definitely broadened. As divorce has just become another part of life, the services available to you are more varied now than they have ever been. Now, the opportunity for non-traditional approaches to coping with your Virginia divorce is greater than ever before.

While this doesn’t downplay the difficult process any woman will have to endure, it may help you have a moment of lightheartedness when you need it most.

Take for example, some of the following non-traditional approaches to Virginia divorce that may help you throughout the process:

  • greeting cards;
  • getaway packages; and
  • full service “divorce party packages,” (including cakes and transportation).

While some of this may sound a bit over-the-top, the industry that caters to new divorcees actually may help you have a laugh during what may be an otherwise very painful time. In some cases, such products may take to the extreme, such as cakes with the groom’s feet sticking out of the bottom to allude to the Wizard of Oz, or toilet paper with the word “Ex” printed on it.

At the trend’s core is evidence that you are not alone in your experience.
As you go through your Virginia divorce, don’t be afraid to enjoy an evening out with friends or share a long laugh with a gal pal. As divorce has become more common, there are more non-traditional social supports out there for you than ever before and laughter is all a part of that process.

As you focus on healing, remember that your best interests and that of your children will be best represented if you let a Newport News divorce lawyer focus on the details of your Virginia divorce.

Contacting a Newport News Divorce Lawyer

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