“Get a Therapist” says Virginia Divorce Attorney Charlie Hofheimer

Posted on Nov 28, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

Get a therapist ! Frequently, when women come to see me, they ask what is the most important thing that I can recommend to them and for many, it’s to encourage them to get a therapist to help them deal with depression, deal with anger and to deal with the non legal issues they have with their husband. Now, having a therapist does not mean that one cannot proceed with a separation or a divorce, although counselling might prevent those outcomes. My experience with my clients is that the most important thing is to help them get their own life in balance and work on reaching a stability in and a strengthening of themselves. This will aid them greatly as they proceed through the divorce process, which is ordinarily very debilitating and difficult. So, if you are reading this blog and don’t have a therapist to serve as either a therapist or a divorce coach, I strongly encourage you to “Get a Therapist” to help you through the process and I hope that you will take this seriously. There are hundreds of great therapists throughout the Hampton Roads Community, both on the south side and on the peninsula. So if you need help in selecting a therapist or a divorce coach, email me at office@hoflaw.com and tell me where in Hampton Roads you live and what local therapists are on your health insurance plan and I will seek to help you select a well respected professional. Again, a therapist or divorce coach can be the most helpful of resources when you’re confronting a separation or a divorce or attempting a reconciliation. Remember, you want all the resources you can afford to obtain the best results. Pick your therapist or divorce coach today !