Happy New Year!

Posted on Jan 1, 2014 by Katie Carter

There's always something exciting about the start of a new year! It's a chance to start over, to start fresh, and to make the kinds of improvements to yourself and your life that you've dreamed of making but may have been too scared to make before. To be sure, change is a scary thing. But in order to become what you've wanted to be all along, you're probably going to encounter some scary stuff.

As you're thinking about what your New Year's resolutions should be, ask yourself some questions.

1. What do I want for myself this year professionally?

2. What do I want personally?

3. What mistakes did I make last year that I don't want to repeat?

4. If I could be anything at the end of 2014, what would it be?

Have a happy, safe, wonderful New Year, and be sure to give these questions some thought.