Hiring A Private Investigator When You Suspect Adultery

Posted on Jun 21, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

If you’re a Virginia woman considering a divorce on the grounds of adultery, you will need to produce sufficient proof.

Adultery can be difficult to prove. Virginia courts need to see evidence that shows that adultery took place, not just the possibility that it could have. One way to secure such evidence is by hiring a private investigator.

While some women find success gathering proof of their husband’s adultery by themselves or with the help of trusted friends, employing the services of a private investigator for this purpose is a lot safer and usually more effective.

The private investigator will need as much information as you can give about your husband, his vehicle, and the places he frequents.

Private investigators usually charge around $100 to $200 per hour as well as some expenses. This may seem a bit steep, but a private investigator has specialized skills that can help get you the valuable information you need to prove your adultery case in the course of a Virginia divorce.

There are many private investigators selling their services these days; be a smart shopper and find one with a good reputation. You can ask your Virginia divorce attorney to recommend a private investigator who is professional, reliable, and familiar with fulfilling the demands of a Virginia divorce court.

Be prepared to handle the findings of the private investigator. Suspicions of adultery, no matter how strong, may not prepare you for the reality that it is actually happening. Have a support system of caring people around you at this difficult time.

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