Hofheimer Family Law Celebrates Mother’s Day

Posted on Apr 11, 2016 by Katie Carter

In November, for Veteran’s Day, we celebrated the women who are serving our country, whether on the battlefield or back on the home front, by offering free Second Saturday seminars and discounting our consultation fee. We got such overwhelmingly positive feedback from our current and former clients and the public that we wanted to make sure that we kept offering promotions like that one to honor special women in our community.

As a family law firm representing women only, we are particularly attuned to the sacrifices women make on a daily basis. We know that there is no limit to the number of truly extraordinary women in our area, but we’ve given some thought to how we’ll honor more women.
This year, for Mother’s Day, we wanted to offer another similar promotion to show that we get it. It’s a different kind of sacrifice from serving on the battlefield, but certainly no less important. At Hofheimer Family Law, many of us are moms, too. We know what it’s like to read Green Eggs and Ham until your eyes go fuzzy, and we certainly know all about the exquisite pain (or is it pleasure?) of listening to “Let it Go” on repeat. We’ve gone to work with Cheerios in our hair and found Legos hidden in our briefcases (which, frankly, is a nice surprise compared to finding them littered across the floor like land mines). We’ve sung lullabies all night long to calm a sick or scared child, and woken to find all the dogs and cats and kids in bed with us. We’ve cursed the days that would never end, and then been shocked to find that entire school years have gone by. We’ve wept over lost teeth and the rising costs of college. We’ve raised our families as best we can, and we understand, only too well, all the sacrifices you’ve made for yours.
This year, we wanted to made sure we honored mothers this Mother’s Day. To that end, we’d like to offer several things to Virginia moms.
To that end, we are offering 3 things this Mother’s Day.

1. Free download of our custody book.

If you haven’t already requested a copy of our custody book, you can do so by going to WomensCustodySurvivalGuide.com. It’s chock-full of custody-specific information, and can help you begin to understand Virginia law and how it operates in both the juvenile and circuit courts.

2. Free admission to any May Second Saturday or Third Tuesday Divorce seminar on What Every Virginia Woman Needs to Know About Divorce. ($50 value)

If you’re worried about custody in your upcoming divorce, you need to attend this seminar! Each of our divorce seminars covers important divorce-related topics, including the types of divorce in Virginia, how custody, child and spousal support, and equitable distribution work, when you’re separated, and more. Even more importantly, each seminar is taught by one of our licensed and experienced Virginia divorce and custody attorneys, all of whom have experience handling custody cases and will be available to answer questions. We offer the seminar three times a month: twice on the Second Saturday of the month in Virginia Beach and Newport News, and once on the Third Tuesday of the month in Virginia Beach. To register, visit our website at MonthlyDivorceSeminar.com, and use the promo code “MothersDay2016”.

3. Reduced consultation fee on May 9, 2016. ($135 savings)

For one day, and one day only, Hofheimer Family Law will be offering initial consultations for Virginia moms at a significantly reduced rate. Normally $285, on May 9th, consultations will be reduced to $150. It’s an opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with a local Virginia attorney, including the chance to strategize how to begin to move your case forward.
Want to schedule a consultation or get more information about any of our Mother’s Day offerings? Give our office a call at (757) 425-5200, schedule a consultation on May 9th, and reference the Mother’s Day promotion! Happy Mother’s Day!