How to Gather Evidence in a Virginia Custody Case

Posted on Feb 18, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

If you are currently going through a Virginia divorce, you may be dealing with child custody issues. It is important to gather evidence for your Virginia custody case in order to show the court that it is in your child’s best interest for you to maintain legal custody of him or her. Evidence may include records, photos, and witness testimony.

The first thing you should do is hire an experienced Virginia divorce lawyer. This will help ensure your evidence is admitted in court. It may help you to have a Virginia divorce attorney on your side that not only understands the specific circumstances of your divorce, but has extensive experience in Virginia child custody disputes.

You should also keep a journal regarding events that occur between you, your child, and your ex-spouse.
For example, is your ex-husband late when picking up or dropping off your children? Are they tired, hungry, or dirty when they come home? On the other hand, it is important to write down activities and things that you do with your children on a daily basis to show that they are being cared for.

If your child is being abused or neglected by their other parent, you should take photographs that document the abuse.
You can also take photographs of your home and your ex-husband’s home to use as evidence.

You may also choose to call witnesses to testify on your behalf. For example, if your ex-husband is frequently late picking up your child, ask a friend or family member to be with you so he or she can testify about it in court. If any friends or family members have firsthand knowledge regarding your ex-husband’s parenting, ask them to testify for you during your child custody hearing.

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You should speak with an experienced Virginia divorce attorney before gathering evidence for your child custody case. When trying to win a child custody case, it is important to have legal representation on your side. We understand that the health and happiness of your child is your #1 concern and we will work with you to address any fears and anxieties that you may have about your child’s future.

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