I feel so guilty for thinking about divorce during the holidays!

Posted on Dec 4, 2013 by Katie Carter

The holiday season has officially shifted into high gear, and you can almost hear the countdown ticking off in your head. With so many things to get done and such a firm deadline set in your mind, it’s difficult to find any time at all to think about your marriage and what your next step should be. Most women slow way down when the holidays hit, because they want to stay together for the sake of the children and focus on the good things about the holiday without the fear and uncertainty of the divorce taking away any of the feel-good holiday feelings.

That’s totally understandable. Divorce is a difficult thing to deal with, even at the best, most convenient time (is there really such a thing?) and it’s even worse at the holidays. At a time when family togetherness seems the most important, you feel guilty for even thinking about divorce.

But still, here you are, thinking about divorce. If you’re like most women, though, you’re really not sure that’s the path you want to take. You're thinking about divorce, but you're also wondering whether it would even be possible to reconcile.

You need to know that it’s okay to take some time and find out your options. Don't feel guilty for wanting information! In fact, it’s probably better to take some time to find out your options rather than twiddle your thumbs and hope that things start to get better on their own.

Why not take the time to do your research now, just so that you can be prepared if things get worse? It’s never a bad idea to get a little extra information, and it certainly won’t keep you and your husband from reconciling later, if that’s what you both want to do. I always recommend, especially for women who aren’t sure yet what they want to do, that you start small. Request a free copy of one of our books. Get the answers you need. It’s not like opening Pandora’s box; if you decide not to go forward with a divorce or separation, the fact that you have the information won’t hold you back.

Knowledge really is power. I’ve seen it be the thing that finally helps a woman to realize that she shouldn’t continue to go through what she has been going through, and I’ve also seen it convince a woman to give it another shot. We offer three free books for women contemplating divorce. Go to our website by clicking here, and check them out!