Living Arrangements for Children of Divorce

Posted on Apr 20, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

You are facing a divorce and have many issues and concerns to deal with. If you have children there will be additional factors to consider, including your child’s living arrangements. There are a number of options that can work for families who are going through a Virginia divorce.

The most
common scenarios that play out in a divorce when there are children involved include:

  • One parent has legal custody and makes all decisions concerning the child
  • Joint legal custody wherein the child lives primarily with one parent and visits the other but both parents make legal decisions concerning the child
  • Shared legal and physical custody where physical custody is shared, along with decision-making powers

There is another less well-known option called “Bird’s Nest Custody.” In this scenario a child remains in the family home and both parents set up their own residence. The home serves as a place of visitation and helps to alleviate disruption in the lives of the children. Although this may be a beneficial option to the children, it is costly to the parents.

If you already know what their living arrangements are going to be, talk to your children about them. However, if you are facing a child custody hearing, living arrangements may not be known until a later date. Just remember that by providing children with as much information at the outset as possible, you might help to alleviate some feelings of anxiety.

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