Statistics and Figures for Division Child Support Enforcement Virginia

Posted on Apr 16, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

The Virginia Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) has made great strides in the past 10 years as far as collections on delinquent child support moneys, established paternities, and overall profit-making capabilities. They are an invaluable tool to be used in post-divorce proceedings in conjunction with your experienced Virginia child support lawyer.

Overall, the collections obtained by the caseworkers climbed 3,263% while the amount of caseworkers climbed by only 9.2%. That is an impressive increase of 354% per worker.

Another way to look at the increase would be a yearly breakdown of VCSE collections.

  • 1993 = $200,000,000
  • 2003 = $500,000,000
  • 2008 = $600,000,000

Establishing Paternity for Child Support Collection in Virginia

Establishing paternities for single-mother households is another area in which the Virginia Division of Child Support Enforcement has excelled. The Hospital Program, which promotes voluntary acknowledgement of paternity, offers services to establish paternity upon birth of the child at the hospital before the mother leaves.

This is considered the most opportune time to investigate the paternity of a child and to dispense informational materials to unmarried couples. Within the last 9 years, the DCSE and Hospital Program have established a total of 263,000 children with their paternal fathers (2001-2009).

Following studies of profitability and efficiency, it has been shown that the Virginia Division of Child Support Enforcement has made $3 for every $1 put into the program.

This means that the money spent on maintenance for programs (flyer printouts, salaries, etc) made a return of $2 profit in garnering child support for families. Any business would be proud of those numbers.

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