Parenting After Divorce: Activities to Help Kids Cope with Virginia Child Custody

Posted on Mar 8, 2012 by Hofheimer Family Law

Parenting after divorce means understanding what your children need. Between handling your new Virginia child custody arrangements and building your new life, you may not be sure how best to address your child’s emotions during this difficult time. Newly divorced parents have many resources to help them guide their children through the rough waters of post-divorce family life.

There are activities that can help kids to process their feelings and heal following their parents break up.

  • Children’s books can be among the best resources available when you’re parenting after divorce. There are many books that deal with the topic of divorce in a way that kids can relate to and understand. There are also family workbooks and other helpful resources for parents, too.
  • Children can also write their own stories. You can encourage your child to write a story that talks about divorce. This can be a good creative exercise that allows your child to express feelings he or she might not have found the words for otherwise.
  • Any kind of creative play can be an outlet for your child’s emotions after your divorce. Puppet shows, playing with dolls, doing crafts…all these activities, when guided by an understanding parent, can be beneficial.
  • For kids adjusting to new Virginia child custody arrangements, it might be helpful to make a calendar highlighting parental visitation days and other special events, so the positive aspects of the new arrangement are highlighted.

By utilizing some of these simple tools, and letting your child know you’re always there to talk, you can set your child on the road to recovery after your divorce

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