The Effects of Collaborative Divorce on Children in Virginia

Posted on Dec 18, 2012 by Katie Carter

Ask about collaborative divorce if you’re seeking family law legal services in Virginia Beach. This option may be a good choice, especially if you have children, because it promotes cooperation and utilizes experts who can help with certain aspects of the divorce agreement.

Couples dealing with both children and divorce should take into consideration the type of divorce process they pursue. Divorce is never going to be a happy experience, and it’s unlikely to be easy; but there are ways that may help reduce the negative aspects.

What is collaborative divorce?.

Collaborative divorce is a newer and more comprehensive form of alternative litigation that’s been gaining popularity of late. In collaborative divorce, the divorcing parties are given access to a team of professionals who help them analyze and address their divorce disputes in-depth. A child specialist is usually one of the neutral members of this team.

The child specialist speaks with the children in order to learn the children’s hopes and fears regarding the divorce, and takes this information back to the rest of the team. This way, the children’s needs are given more weight than with a traditional divorce.

Possible Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Studies show that kids are affected by divorce regardless of the circumstances of the breakup. Children generally want their parents to stay together and they find it difficult to accept the sometimes drastic changes divorce can bring. The emotional distress is even greater when the parents are involved in bitter fighting, especially if this drama occurs in front of the kids.

In a collaborative divorce, there is generally less rancor, because upon entering into collaboration, the divorcing parties agree to cooperate and not seek adversarial litigation as long as they are involved in the collaborative process.

Contacting Family Law legal Services in Virginia

Collaborative divorce is an option that may be pursued by a firm providing family law legal services in Virginia Beach, like the Hofheimer Family Law Firm. An attorney can provide legal representation throughout the process to protect the client’s rights and interests throughout the process.

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