Virginia Child Custody Determiners: Parent vs. “Friend”

Posted on Sep 24, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

Relationships between parents and their children can be defined in many ways, and often change over time. If you are experiencing a Virginia divorce, custody of your children is probably one of your most important issues. Ideally, parents will be able to come to an agreement regarding the custody of their children, but when that doesn’t happen, other factors are taken into consideration.

One of the criteria for determining Virginia child custody is evaluating the parent/child relationship
. The quality of a child’s relationship with their parent is analyzed. If there is an unusually strong bond between a parent and child, the court may be concerned that the relationship has crossed the line into one of peer or friendship status rather than the typical parent/child relationship.

Mothers are usually most at risk for being seen as “friends” to their children. This is especially true during a Virginia divorce when women sometimes treat their children as confidants, telling the children about problems they have with their father. It is vitally important to avoid this temptation, as it can very easily backfire.

The court will look to you to see if you understand the boundaries in an appropriate parent/child relationship
. Be careful of the way you speak about your ex to your children. A judge will consider the ability of the parents to actively support each other in relationships with the children. If you are seen as unsupportive, it could put you in an unfavorable position with the court.

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Contacting a Virginia Child Custody Attorney

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