Virginia Divorce Lawyer: 4 Tips for Getting Over an Abusive Relationship

Posted on May 13, 2012 by Hofheimer Family Law

An abusive relationship is one of the most common reasons many women seek divorce in Virginia. You should not have to suffer mental or physical abuse from your husband. When your problems cannot be resolved, it is time to talk to a divorce attorney to discuss your options.

After a divorce is finalized, many women find themselves struggling to get over the pain and emotional damage they suffered during their marriage. Remember that you are not alone. These tips may help you find some comfort and guidance through the difficult time of rebuilding your life after leaving an abusive relationship:

• Avoid unnecessary contact with your abusive ex-husband. Unless court-mandated, you should ignore any contact attempts by your ex-husband. If your ex begins to harass you, bring the issue to the attention of your divorce attorney to see if a restraining order is necessary for your protection.
Seek family and friends. After leaving an abusive relationship, it is important to focus on the healthy relationships you do have. Reconnect with friends and family that your ex-husband may have alienated, or seek out new friendships as a single woman.
Stay busy. After a divorce you may find you have more free time to enjoy your new life. Many abusive relationships are about control, and your ex-husband may have been preventing you from taking up a hobby or doing something you used to enjoy. Take this opportunity to explore life!
Talk to a therapist. When the emotional scars left from an abusive relationship are too much of a burden to bear alone you may need to seek professional help. A therapist or psychiatrist can help you cope with feelings of loss, depression, distress, anger, and confusion that can result with such a drastic change in your life.

When you believe your marriage is damaging your physical or mental well-being, it is time to contact a divorce attorney to discuss your options for getting out of an abusive relationship. You have the right to lead a happy, safe life. If your husband is preventing you from that right, it may be grounds for divorce.

In an abusive relationship? Seek help from a Virginia divorce attorney!

Don’t let an abusive relationship ruin your life – you have the right to safety when seeking a divorce. The sooner you bring your case to a Virginia divorce attorney for women, the sooner you can learn about how to protect yourself from an abusive husband as you file for divorce.

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