Why Accomac Women Should be meeting with Virginia Beach Divorce Lawyers

Posted on Jan 4, 2011 by Hofheimer Family Law

Considering divorce in Accomac or the surrounding Eastern Shore communities, you may want to look to Virginia Beach to find your attorney. With the retirement of Circuit Court Judge Glen Tyler, The judges from Virginia Beach will be sitting in Accomac to hear divorce cases. Having Lawyers familiar with the judicial approach of the various Virginia Beach judges doesn’t guarantee a result but it is helpful in analyzing your case or presenting your evidence, in the event your case does not settle. Because legal fees in Virginia Beach tend to be higher than comparable lawyer fees on the Easter Shore, you might want to ask your Virginia Beach Attorney to:
1. discount their hourly fee to the comparable eastern shore attorney’s hourly fee.
2. Reduce travel time fees to $ 25 an hour–after all it is a nice trip over the Bridge Tunnel
3. Offer to take your attorney to one of the great little seafood restaurants after court as a thank you for reducing fees
4. Consider filing your case in Va. Beach as it will be heard much sooner if you and your husband can agree on
venue (where the case is heard)
There are a number of excellent Virginia Beach Divorce and Custody Attorneys—-Just Google “Virginia Beach Divorce Attorneys or Lawyers”