3 Myths about Male Children of a Virginia Divorce

Posted on Aug 26, 2011 by Hofheimer Family Law

When you're going through a Virginia divorce, you can take steps to help your child adjust to this difficult time healthy ways. If you have a son, you know that there are unique joys and challenges involved in raising a boy. Boys also react differently to life changes once they become children of divorce.

The following are some common myths about male children of divorce:

  • Myth 1: If your child is upset, he'll let you know. Reality: Many times, male children express feelings in different ways than girls. You may need to work hard to get your son to open up to you, and be sensitive to any behavioral cues that hint at his feelings.
  • Myth 2: Boys don't cry. Reality: If your son is more like the strong silent type mentioned above, it may seem that this isn't a myth at all; however, not all boys hold in their feelings, and they shouldn't be made to feel bad for expressing their grief.
  • Myth 3: Male children of divorce will go on to have relationship problems as adults. Reality: This is one of the most troubling myths about kids and divorce, and it sparks guilt in many parents. It's true that boys can suffer some set backs due to the loss of a father figure from the home, but a University of Michigan study shows that children of divorce are just as likely to have happy, fulfilling relationships.

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