4 Quick and Easy Ways to Trim Your Budget

Posted on Jan 26, 2012 by Hofheimer Family Law

Everyone is trying to cut costs these days and there are simple ways to trim your budget that you might not notice except for when making your wallet a little fuller.

  • Use reward programs –take advantage of the coupons and points stores allot you, saving a little at each store you visit regularly can add up throughout the course of the year.
  • Finish all the food – be creative and find ways to clean out your pantry and refrigerator before buying more food.
  • Clean up your online accounts – having your credit card information stored on shopping sites can make it easier to spend without thinking about it. If you have to reach for your card, you might think twice.
  • Go generic – using the generic brand of everything from prescriptions to toilet paper can save money and you’ll probably never notice the difference.