Am I ready for a Virginia divorce initial consultation?

Posted on Oct 15, 2021 by Katie Carter

Am I ready for an initial consultation?

The first step is often the hardest, and that’s especially true when it comes to a divorce and custody case. Sure, you may have known that things were headed in that direction for awhile, but actually taking steps towards hiring an attorney can feel a little overwhelming.

If you’re wondering, “Am I ready for this?” you’re in the right place. “Am I ready for an initial consultation?”

Probably! If you’re wondering, you probably have some questions – the can’t eat, can’t sleep type of questions – and you want to talk to someone who knows something about the laws in Virginia. You may even want to know what your next steps should look like, or whether doing something that you would like to do is a good idea or not.

All of those things are definitely good reasons to go ahead and schedule an initial consultation. But it’s probably still scary.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t even like calling the doctor’s office. It seems like I always give both too much and not enough information, and it makes me cringe. And I also have to tell my story at least three times – to the receptionist, to the nurse when I get there, and then again to the doctor for my actual appointment. I always wonder what the point of having a medical chart is if they don’t even bother to tell the doctor before he walks through the door. Really, I gotta explain AGAIN? Okay…

I’m trying to be a little funny, but also just to commiserate with you. When it’s our own personal situation, it can be really hard to take that affirmative first step. It can be uncomfortable and embarrassing to admit what’s going on to a total stranger. It’s also scary, not knowing what that stranger will say. When we’re in the doctor’s office, we always wonder if it’s cancer. In an attorney’s office, I imagine people are wondering, “Yeah, yeah, that’s all fine, but HOW MUCH WILL IT COST?” And then, “Can I even afford it? Am I stuck here FOREVER?”

We get it. It’s a really difficult, really emotional time, and you’re going through a lot. It’s so scary not to know what’s coming in the future, or what might happen to you, your kids, your house, your retirement, and everything you’ve spent your adulthood accumulating.

I think, though, that if you’re at the point where you’re asking these questions, you’re also at the point where it’s a good idea to go ahead and rip off that band aid. Find an attorney, or a practice, whose mission speaks to you and where the attorneys feel friendly and approachable. It can be hard to gauge these things ahead of time, but see if there’s a way you can meet or talk to the attorneys ahead of time, or way to see the way they communicate with the world.

At our firm, we teach monthly divorce seminars, where you can see our attorneys in action. You can learn a lot about who we are, what we do, and our worldview on our website, through our books and free reports, and our library (where you already found your way to this article). You can read more about what to expect at our initial consultations, and how to prepare ahead of time for your consultation. You can see us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, too. You can read all of our attorney biographies on the site – certainly one of us will speak to you!

At some point, there’s nothing to lose – it’s time to take some steps to gather the information you need. At the beginning of a case, too, I find that things are the hardest. Ideally, you’ll get some good information now that will help prevent you from making emotional decisions that lead to expensive mistakes. You’ll have an idea of what to expect so that you can’t be manipulated by your husband/child’s father. You’ll be empowered.

I know it’s scary, and it probably feels like a huge step to pick up the phone and call. I promise, though – we are super friendly, and we only ask easy questions that you should know the answers to. There’s no such thing as an overshare, either; the details are really important, so don’t feel like you can’t be honest about sticky subjects, like your finances, your sex life, or the details that led to the breakdown of your marriage.

Really just don’t want to call? You can also schedule an appointment online – no phone call necessary!

It’s a hard time for everyone who goes through this, so don’t get so hung up on it that you fail to take the steps you need to protect yourself.
For more information, or to schedule an appointment, give our office a call at 757-425-5200.