April Girl’s Night Out with Hofheimer Family Law

Posted on Feb 21, 2020 by Katie Carter

If you made it to our Valentine’s Day Girl’s Night Out event at the Banque, you know what I’m talking about! We started our Girl’s Night Out event series several years back after Kristen Hofheimer, our former managing partner, noticed a need among a lot of her clients. Complaining of losing friendships, specifically “couples” friendships, our clients seemed isolated and unable to connect with the people to whom they were formerly closest. Divorce can do that to people; it can seem, sometimes, like you’re the only one going through it in the entire world, especially when most of your friends and family members are happily married.

You’re not alone, though. Statistically, so many people go through divorce. But, then again, you probably don’t care about statistics, do you? Statistics won’t have a margarita with you, or help you through some of the low points of your divorce.

It’s bigger than that, too. Divorce is expensive. So we were hearing that women couldn’t afford to do things. The divorce was so expensive, dividing things up was so expensive, things were just so uncertain that they found themselves staying home more often than not. And, though that’s fiscally responsible and good for you for not spending money you don’t have, it’s not much of any way to live, is it?

But WE will! Kristen heard the same things time and time again; so much so that she was determined to do something about it. And, so, Girl’s Night Out was born. It’s really just an opportunity for our current, former, and prospective clients to get out and enjoy an evening outside of the shadow of their divorce cases, and to have a chance to connect with other similarly situated women. A divorce or custody case isn’t required to attend, though; the events themselves actually have nothing at all to do with divorce. We certainly don’t waste time talking about cases, because how much fun is THAT? You can get all the divorce and custody related information you need on our website or even by meeting one on one with one of our attorneys at another time, but the Girl’s Night Out events are there to help you have fun.

Our next Girl’s Night Out is soon, too, so, if you’re feeling like this, if you’ve never attended an event before, or if you’d never miss one if you could help it, we’d love to have you! On April 9, we’ll be at Mermaid Winery on Shore Drive in Virginia Beach, and we’d love to have you!

For more information or to register to attend, click here!  As always, feel free to bring a (female!) friend, family member, coworker, or neighbor along with you, too – the more the merrier, and, like I said, no divorce or custody case is required.