Broken Heart Divorce Rings: Latest Vogue Virginia Divorce Trend

Posted on Oct 5, 2011 by Hofheimer Family Law

It may seem impolite or outrageous to some, but divorce rings are now being marketed to people going through a divorce. If you’re working with a Virginia Beach divorce attorney and getting divorced in Virginia, you might be fascinated to learn that divorce rings are the new divorce trend, marking couples’ transition to single life.

Several jewelry dealers are now offering lavish gold divorce rings with a broken heart design and a diamond positioned in the center. As opposed to a wedding ring that symbolizes commitment, the divorce ring is a symbol of the severing of ties.

Some people may see the divorce ring as insensitive or extravagant, but it’s akin to the divorce party and “divorcemoon” trend that many women find comforting.

If you’re getting divorced in Virginia, you may find that having something to mark the beginning of your new life, such as divorce ring
or a party, can be very instrumental and cathartic. It can also serve as a visual clue to friends about your new identity.

It’s definitely not for everyone, though, and might even act as a painful reminder of your heartbreak.

It’s a good idea to work through your emotional issues surrounding your divorce with a licensed therapist and devise a healthy plan for moving on with your new life. Speak to your Virginia Beach divorce attorney and ask for referrals to local counselors who can help you through this significant time.

Contacting a Virginia Beach Divorce Attorney

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