Dangers of Non-Professional Advice for Your Separation in VA

Posted on Oct 7, 2011 by Hofheimer Family Law

If you’re going through a separation in VA, your friends and family will likely try to offer you divorce advice, oftentimes unsolicited. While their intentions may be good, you run the risk of making costly mistakes if you adhere to divorce advice from non-professionals instead of consulting with an experienced Norfolk divorce lawyer.

Divorce law is specialized and complex. Unless the advice comes from a divorce lawyer or certified divorce financial analyst, your friend might not fully understand the situation and could unintentionally give you bogus advice.

Think about it: you wouldn’t take diet and nutrition advice from your auto mechanic, nor would you take financial investment advice from your restaurant server.

A divorce is no different. There are highly complicated areas of divorce law that non-professionals are likely not familiar.

An experienced attorney can teach you about:

  • pension divisions;
  • QDROs;
  • distribution laws; and
  • military divorce regulations like the USFSPA.

Each divorce is unique and what may have worked well for your friends or family won’t necessarily apply to your case. Even if the advice you’ve received comes from a professional of sorts, if he or she isn’t experienced in Virginia divorce law, it’s generally wise to avoid blindly following the counsel.

It’s far wiser and safer to take your case to a Norfolk divorce lawyer who knows all the fine print involved in divorces and can help you make informed decisions during your separation in VA.

Contacting a Norfolk Divorce Lawyer

Throughout your divorce proceedings, you’ll naturally have a lot of questions specific to your circumstances. Get your questions answered by requesting one of our FREE divorce guides for women, or reserving your seat at our monthly divorce seminar – 757-425-5200.

A Norfolk divorce lawyer at Hofheimer Family Law Firm will be committed to fighting for your rights, helping you with divorce details, assisting in child custody disputes, and advocating that you receive everything you are entitled to and need in order to start your new life.