Child Support Most Wanted

Posted on Jul 8, 2013 by Katie Carter

The Virginia Child Support Most Wanted List is a list of people who have engaged in child support evasion and have so far managed to avoid being caught by the authorities.

Child support is an important part of child custody because it ensures children can have their daily needs provided for despite the changes in their family situation.

The state of Virginia takes child support evasions very seriously, and there are laws in place to bring irresponsible parents to justice for non-payment.

While most divorced parents are decent people who willingly support their children even during rocky economic times, there are a few who neglect their duties and don’t make any effort to pay what they owe in Virginia child support.

As with any most wanted list, the Virginia “Most Wanted” list’s purpose is to alert citizens that these individuals are still at large and to prompt anyone who has information about the evaders’ whereabouts to come forward. The list also serves to remind people that child support evasion is a serious offense and not to be taken lightly.

If your ex-spouse has a Virginia child support order and isn’t fulfilling it, you should take the appropriate legal steps to make sure that his child support evasion doesn’t continue.

Contacting a Virginia Divorce Attorney

The decision to file for divorce usually comes at the end of a long and painful journey. In addition to the emotional turmoil involved, there’s also a lot of fear and uncertainty about what the future holds. Concerns about children, mortgages, and even just paying the bills or buying groceries can easily become overwhelming.

A Virginia divorce attorney at Hofheimer Family Law Firm can examine the specifics of your case to help you decide how much support to ask for, what child custody arrangement will work best for you and your children, and how to fairly divide your marital assets. Request a FREE copy of our divorce book for women in Virginia, or reserve your seat at our monthly divorce seminar– 757-425-5200.