Choosing the Right Attorney for Your Virginia Divorce

Posted on Jun 2, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

When going through a divorce, you want to have the most qualified Virginia divorce attorney that you can find for your situation. This means that you have to actively seek and choose a Virginia divorce attorney, not just haphazardly select one out of a phone book. In addition to obtaining references and seeking a Virginia divorce attorney with whom you feel compatible, you need an attorney who will help you face reality when necessary.

Unless your Virginia divorce is extremely unusual, you probably won't get every last request that you have in your divorce and your attorney should be honest with you about that fact. If an attorney you are interviewing promises that you will be able to get anything and everything that you could ever want in your Virginia divorce, you may be interviewing the wrong attorney.

Avoiding an attorney who agrees with everything you say or request has other practical implications. Even if you study up on Virginia divorce laws and what to expect in a Virginia divorce you don't have practical experience. In addition, you don't have the emotional distance that an attorney has from your divorce. Your lack of experience and heightened emotional state can lead to poor decisions. Your Virginia divorce attorney is there to guide you through the process, which may include telling you truths that you might not want to hear.

Honesty isn't the only quality to look for in a Virginia divorce attorney. Visit our article library to learn more about what to ask a Virginia divorce attorney before securing their services.

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