Feeling Like a Teenager Again After a Virginia Divorce

Posted on Jun 3, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

Many people go through a second adolescence after divorcing. This time can be exhilarating, scary and fun all at once. The decision for you is at what point, if ever, you want to leave this “teenager again” stage behind you.

Second Adolescence and a Virginia Divorce

Is he interested in me? Am I interested in him? Should I call? What should I wear? All of these thoughts and more may race through your head as you start to date again. After a divorce, you can potentially date as many people as you want; after all, you are single again.

In some ways, the terms “second adolescence” and “teenager again” sound too judgmental. While it’s true that some people will view the behaviors and attitudes that are exhibited in this stage of divorce as “superficial,” as an adult, you can choose to date this way if you prefer.

The problem comes when you decide that you would like to have a more serious relationship. Your challenge at this point is to move beyond this second adolescence to become part of a twosome who may have a future together.

Another point to consider is how your behavior affects your children. Be discreet during this period of your life. Your children look to you as a role model. How you act may affect the way your children perceive relationships in the future. Not only that, but it could certainly impact your Virginia child custody arrangements, so exercise due diligence and parental duties even as you explore your newfound independence.

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