Dividing Military & Federal Government Benefits After Divorce in Virginia

Posted on Sep 6, 2011 by Hofheimer Family Law

Under the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act (USFSPA), each state is allowed to divide military and federal government benefits between spouses after a divorce in Virginia. If you’re facing divorce, especially a military divorce involving complicated fine print, you’ll want to speak with a divorce lawyer in Virginia Beach about any benefits you may be entitled.

Based on the USFSPA, military and government benefits can be issued as marital property in a military divorce in Virginia.
How the benefits are distributed is unique to each case, and is something which will be stipulated in your separation agreement or court order.

Military Benefits You May be Eligible for After Your Virginia Divorce

There are multiple benefits to which you may be entitled:

  • retirement pay;
  • survivor benefits;
  • health care benefits; and
  • commissary and exchange benefits.

You should understand that the division of military or government benefits is not automatic, nor is it government-mandated. The USFSPA simply allows the states to treat certain military benefits as they would any civilian benefits in a divorce settlement.

Since military divorces are more complex than civilian divorces, you’ll want to enlist in the help of a divorce lawyer in Virginia Beach
to make sure you don’t miss out on the benefits for which you might be eligible.

Contacting a Woman Divorce Lawyer in Virginia Beach

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A woman divorce lawyer in Virginia Beach at Hofheimer Family Law Firm will be committed to fighting for your rights, helping you with military divorce in Virginia Beach, assisting in child custody disputes, and advocating that you receive everything you are entitled to and need in order to start your new life.