Fostering Your Children’s Constructive Skills after Virginia Divorce

Posted on Feb 4, 2011 by Hofheimer Family Law

Going through a Virginia divorce is difficult in itself, and when children are involved, it can exasperate and complicate matters. Although much research exists highlighting the detriments of divorce on children, there are also positive effects that it can have on children. This goes hand in hand with the unexpected positive effect divorce can have on parenting.

When your children and you have the opportunity to escape from a stressful home situation and recurring arguments, you may find your children’s transition easier than expected. Through unexpected benefits of a Virginia divorce on your parenting skills, you may be able to help your children foster constructive skills as they cope with a new home situation.

During this time, children of divorced parents have the opportunity to build:

  • organizational skills (tracking school work and activities);
  • time management skills (scheduling, working independently);
  • relationship skills (compassion, adaptability); and
  • communication skills (open and authentic communication).

While going through your Virginia divorce, you’ll naturally be concerned about how your children will adjust to and handle the situation. Being an active parent and making the emotional needs of your children a priority helps foster strong relationships and creates a positive environment in which they can build productive life skills.

You may find that after divorce it’s surprisingly easier to do this and have a closer relationship with your children, which can also benefit everyone in the family.

Parenting after divorce presents an entirely new set of dynamics that requires patience, understanding, and support. Try concentrating on the positive effect of Virginia divorce on your parenting to help make the transition easier.

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