Girl’s Night Out at Amplitude Karaoke 2018

Posted on Sep 14, 2018 by Katie Carter

If you’re local, you should definitely plan to join us for our October Girl’s Night Out event at Amplitude Karaoke in Virginia Beach’s Town Center!

It’s our third year sponsoring a karaoke style event and, I won’t lie, I was not at all crazy about the idea at first. I was sort of strong armed into planning it, and I am so happy I was! I guess I was being a bit curmudgeonly anyway; I was all, “I’m TOTALLY not going to sing in front of people!” (I mean, let’s be real, I do not exactly have the voice of an angel/no one would ever call me the songbird of my generation.)

Still, karaoke is FUN. It’s seriously insanely fun. I don’t love to sing in front of people but, really, even with a microphone, with everyone else singing, no one can hear you anyway. It’s a really cool bonding moment for everyone, and just so much fun.

We do lots of big hits; some of the things you’d expect (“Respect by Aretha Franklin, and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper) but usually some unexpected ones, too. (And, of course, they take your requests!)

If you haven’t been before, you’ll definitely want to join us! We’ve made it an annual thing, and it’s one of our biggest events each year.

We’ll be at Amplitude on Wednesday, October 24th from 6-8pm. It’s definitely, definitely worth coming, especially if you’ve never done it before! There’s no pressure at all, so if you’re more of an observer than a performer, that’s totally fine, too. (Most people sing from their seats, without a microphone, rather than going up on stage anyway, so it’s really about as comfortable as it can be.)

Bring a friend, too, if you’d prefer not to come alone – just be there! For more information, or to register to attend, visit our website or give our office a call at 757-425-5200.