Girl’s Night Out: What’s next?

Posted on Nov 7, 2014 by Katie Carter

On Tuesday night, our Girl’s Night Out Group met up at The Lucky Oyster in Virginia Beach.  The weather was great, and everyone came in proudly sporting their “I Voted” stickers.  Everyone was in high spirits, excited about the upcoming holiday season, and full of news about what they’ve been up to since we got together last back in September.  We took a bunch of pictures, and we’ve posted them on our Facebook group at, in case you want to see!  (Just so you know, though, our group is private, and you’ll have to actually attend an event before your request to join the group will be approved–it’s just a measure we put in place to protect our member’s privacy.)

I know I’ve said this before, but I really can’t say it enough.  It is SO nice to have an opportunity to meet up with friends, clients, co-workers, and other local women just to socialize.  It’s always a ton of fun, and I always learn something I didn’t know.  Everyone is up to such interesting things—from baking beautiful cakes and cookies, to teaching seminars for women on finances and other money-related matters, and teaching women’s fitness classes and running marathons—it’s great to hear about how everyone is finding different ways to do it all.  (And it really does seem like they are able to do it all!)  Together, we’re doing all sorts of good in the community, and it does me so much good to hear about it.

If you haven’t had a chance to come to one of our Girl’s Night Out events, I really hope you’ll check it out.  Whether you’re facing a divorce or custody case or not, these events are definitely worth attending.  If you’re afraid to come alone, bring a friend, a (female) family member, or even a co-worker along with you—the more the merrier.  I may be a divorce attorney, but I promise—it’s not contagious!  We make a point to avoid talking about divorce as much as possible, anyway.  The point of these events is not to talk about cases or anything like that.  Purely and simply, the point of Girl’s Night Out is to give women an outlet—a time and a place to meet up with other local women, to chat about life, make connections, and, in some cases, to network a little bit.

If you couldn’t make it on Tuesday, we’ll be offering another event soon!  On Wednesday, January 14th, we’ll be at Travinia Wine Bar in the chic City Center area of Newport News from 6-8pm.  For more information, or to register online ahead of time, just click here.  (LINK)

Hope to see you there!