How In-Home Virginia Separation Happens & How to Make it a Success

Posted on Sep 14, 2011 by Hofheimer Family Law

In-home separation is one of the options when getting a Virginia divorce. In this type of separation in Virginia, you and your ex live under the same roof, but you live “separately” rather than as a couple.

Why would couples choose in-home separation?

It’s not always possible to make the move to separate locations, but the couple still wants to set the wheels of divorce in motion by initiating your separation in Virginia. Money issues may play a role in a couple’s choice to share a house during their separation.

Maintaining 2 households can be expensive, especially during the financially challenging time of divorce. Family matters, such as a child’s education, may also be a reason for both parents to feel the need to remain under the same roof.

What makes in-home separation successful?

If you and your spouse choose an in-home separation when getting divorced in Virginia, you’ll need to follow a strict set of guidelines.

The list is a long one, but in general it includes you and your spouse:

  • avoiding physical intimacy with each other;
  • keeping your food separate;
  • different bank accounts;
  • starting different, separate, social lives; and
  • telling friends, family and close acquaintances that you’re separated.

You and your spouse can work through the details of your divorce by getting your decisions in writing in a separation agreement and seeking help from a Norfolk divorce attorney.

Contacting a Norfolk Divorce Attorney

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