Proving Your Spouse Is Cheating Through Investigation

Posted on Mar 18, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

When it comes to proving that your spouse is cheating, you may need to think outside of the box. Although it doesn’t come cheap, it might be worth the cost of hiring a private investigator, since they do all the work for you. They also know the tricks of the trade and what to look for in a cheating husband.

Of course, you may not have the ability to pay a professional to dig up the dirt on a cheating spouse. In that case, you must become your own private investigator. In our tech-focused society, the first place to turn if you suspect your spouse is cheating is the computer.

Listed below are examples of evidence and records that can be found on your computer or his cellular phone that might help you to figure out the truth:

  • Pictures
  • Emails
  • Instant messaging records
  • Banking statements
  • Financial transactions
  • Reservations

Depending on your level of suspicion, you may even decide to look through your spouse’s belongings, including his office, car, and cellular phone records.

You can even take your investigation a step further and begin to follow your spouse around – provided that can be done safely. If you catch your spouse doing something that proves, or at least strongly suggests, that adultery has occurred, do what you can to record the transgression, including taking photographs.

Whether you hire an investigator or become one yourself, you can prove if your husband is cheating on you. Just keep in mind that if your husband suspects you are “spying” on him or looking through his personal belongings, he may try to hide any evidence of his cheating, or he may become hostile and defensive. Likewise, if your suspicions turn out to be false, your husband may feel like your relationship and his privacy have been violated.

To learn more about what to do when you suspect a cheating husband, visit our library.

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