The Impact of Psychological or Emotional Abuse

Posted on May 14, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

There are many types of spousal abuse and one particularly complicated form of abuse is emotional abuse. Though it leaves no visible bruise or scar, emotional abuse can wound just as deeply as any physical abuse. Emotional, or psychological, abuse can cut deep inside and make you second-guess yourself. This abuse can lead to life-long self-esteem issues.

The Cycle of Psychological Abuse

An abuser wants to control you; he wants to own you and manipulate you like a puppet
. Unfortunately, he also knows exactly how to do this. If you can recognize such behavior, it will be that much easier for you to extract yourself from the puppet strings and cycle of psychological abuse.

First, he will create a distorted emotional reality in which his own feelings and needs are far more important than your own. He will then hold you captive in this reality. Isolated from friends and family in an obsessively monogamous relationship, you will have no means of escape or relief.

At such a point you begin to realize this is wrong and even attempt to leave, the traps will escalate. You are now “the only one who understands” him, he would “die without you.” He may even threaten suicide in your absence to make you feel personally responsible for his well-being.

If this behavior describes your relationship with your husband, you must end the relationship as soon as possible
. A Virginia divorce attorney can talk to you about your options for filing for divorce and what you can do to ensure your rights are protected throughout the proceedings.

Escaping Emotional Abuse Through Divorce

Escaping emotional abuse will likely require counseling and the help of a Virginia divorce attorney who has experience in helping women break free of abusive marriages. Counseling will allow you to step out of the distorted reality created by abuse and free yourself from the reality said abuse has created in your mind. A Virginia divorce attorney can help you to achieve legal freedom as well as help you with any child custody issues that may also be involved.

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