The Guardian Ad Litem’s Role in Child Custody

Posted on May 13, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

There are few events more frightening in life than going through a child custody battle. If you are not informed about the role of your child’s guardian ad litem in advance, you will no doubt experience heightened fears and anxiety.

Under Virginia child custody law, the guardian ad litem, or law guardian, is appointed by the court in an effort to see that the child’s best interests are fully represented. The courts maintain a registry of experienced attorneys trained in family law who have been vetted as guardian ad litems.

The courts and Virginia Code § 37.2-1003 grant enormous powers to the guardian ad litem. Some of those powers are the authority to inspect and copy, without consent, any records relating to the child or their parents.

These records include those held by any state or local agency, authority, institution, school, hospital, doctor, or mental health care provider.

Educating yourself on Virginia child custody laws and custody hearing proceedures is the best way to alleviate your fears. Knowing the role of your child’s guardian ad litem can be a critical factor in receiving a favorable ruling.

For more insight into what to expect from your child’s guardian ad litem during your Virginia child custody proceedings, visit our article library.

To further prepare and educate yourself during this trying time, consult with a Virginia child custody lawyer.

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