Travel and Virginia Child Custody

Posted on Apr 21, 2012 by Hofheimer Family Law

Summer vacation is meant to be a time of family fun and bonding, but if you’re a parent facing Virginia child custody, you will have some things to take into consideration. Speak with your Norfolk divorce attorney to be sure that you’re abiding by your custody agreement.

The amount of freedom you have to travel out of state or out of the country with your children depends on what your custody agreement is. Some custody arrangements require a parent to obtain permission before taking the child on an interstate or international trip.

When planning a vacation, be sure you have whatever legal documents you need for travel, so you don’t run into any problems. If the trip requires a passport, be sure it’s packed and ready to show. If you need a letter of permission from your child’s other parent, have it handy as well. Using verbal agreements for travel isn’t a good idea – stick with a written agreement. That way, your ex can’t change his mind and cause you legal troubles during your journey.

It’s a good idea to let your ex know where you plan to go. Parents love and worry about their kids, and he will likely have concerns when they are on the road. Even if you’re not ordered by the court to share your travel plans with him, it’s still wise and considerate to keep him informed.

Contacting a Norfolk Divorce Attorney

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