Types of Questioning to Expect in a Virginia Child Custody Hearing

Posted on Jun 7, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

Every testimony consists of a direct examination and a cross-examination. In a hearing concerning Virginia child custody, however, you may also be questioned by your guardian ad litem and the judge. This is because child custody hearings require the court to gain a more complete view of your life and temperament as a parent.

Questioning by the Guardian Ad Litem

The guardian ad litem, should you have one, is a person appointed by the court to represent your child’s interests in the court room
. The job of this person is to gain an understanding of your child’s situation and point of view.

The questions asked by the guardian ad litem should stem from what they have learned from your child. Answer these questions with care as they could be coming directly from your child or from a primary concern of the court regarding your child.

Questioning by the Judge

You must pay intensely close attention to any questions asked by the judge during your Virginia child custody hearing. These questions can be used as indicators of what the judge finds most important in your case. Answer the judge’s questions thoroughly and concisely.

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